Installation Guide

Desipo products

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Soundproofing products installation guide.

Installing the door-panes

For installation you need:

  • Screwdriver with angular head
  • Kniwe
  • Moist towel
  • Pencil

1. Screw the 4x25 screws to the hinges before the installation of panes.

2. Separate the doorknob and the cover shield from the door. Verify the measurements by marking the height of panes to the door.

3. Remove any loose matter on the surface of the door and let it dry.

4. Remove the protection tape from the panes binding tape.

5. Place the wedges, thinner end toward the door, to both sides of the door and place the bottom pane, narrow side up.

6. Press down the pane to fixate and check its horizontal centering.

7. Place the middle pane against the bottom pane and check the screw holes.

8. Place the top pane narrow side down and press to fixate.

9. Open the door and clean the surface carefully of any loose matter and let it dry.

10. Place the wedges under the door leaving the door open.

11. Place the bottom pane on top of the wedges narrow side up and press to fixate.

12. Place the middle pane and check the screw holes.

13. Place the top pane, narrow side down and press to fixate.

14. In case of error remove the panes at once and replace them.

Acrylic foam tape attains its 90% final strength in 24 hours. Installation temperature min. +15 degrees. More information from Finnish3M.
If you want the edges of the door to be the same color as the pane, we recommend to paint them before the installation of the panes.
If the old paint is loose or the door is so crooked that the tapes don't fixate properly, we recommend to use beside tape also screws, in the corners of the panes, to ensure the fixation of panes.