Installation Of Battens

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Nokiantie 21
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Soundproofing products installation guide.

Installation of battens.

For installation you need:

  • Screwdriver with angular head
  • Kniwe
  • Moist towel
  • Pencil

1. Remove the cap screws on the screws. There are 4 pieces of side panels of the same size, 1 and 2 of each.

2. First, insert the top side of the slider against the door using 4 mm slots.

3. Nail the list closed and attach the other side and top lists as well.

4. Insert the thinner sill strip.

5. Screw in the sill strip.

6. Install the seals by pressing the groove, do not stretch.

7. Attach the surface rings.

8. The door is ready to use.