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Would you rather be enjoying the peace and quiet?

Door panes of soundproofing products are protected by utility model, utility model no.7001.

After years of product development we have brought to the market soundproofing materials that are easily installed, like soundproof panes and battens for interior doors.
And the good thing about it is that you don't have to separate your old door for installation.
Soundproofing capability of an old and simple hardboard door will increase well over 10dB, if you install Desipro's soundproofing products. In practice that means that the voices from the room or staircase will decrease considerably.
The best places for Desipro's soundproofing products are studies, offices, bedrooms, staircase doors and doors leading to bathrooms and toilets. You can cut your expenses as the installation is so simple that you don't have to renew the whole door and door frames. There are also unlimited choices for color and surface options so the product will be part of the interior. For common door sizes you can get our soundproofing products from our retailers.
We are also able to deliver special-sized and pre-holed soundproof panes to your door. For color options we have the whole Tikkurila color-card. Delivery time for special-order panes is about 2-4 weeks.
If you wish to order tailored product, you can enter the order or offer request here.